There was a time not too long ago when men didn’t have much of a choice in their selection of underwear. It was boxers or briefs and as for color, forget about it! Underwear was fabricated for men, not designed, to serve a utilitarian purpose alone. They went on, did their job, and when the time came, they were stripped off and the next pair took their place. They had their role and going beyond that in any way was not an option.

Unfortunately that also reflected the role of men. We don’t often think about the suppression of men in past generations. In fact, men are often placed as the suppressors while being expected to live in a functional manner also. They had their place, their role, and their obligation to society. Going beyond that in any way was not permitted.

Nonetheless, color was added in time to mens underwear; the guys liked this. Then a wider variety of styles were offered; men liked this as well. Today we no longer live in the systematized, fit into the mold, world of boring old characterless underwear. Hallelujah!

But some people would say, “Does it matter?” or “Who cares? It’s underwear”! Half the time nobody knows what you have on down there besides yourself anyway. Regardless, I have to say… Yes, underwear matters and this is why: Our ability to decide from an endless variety of underwear selections which one is right for us shows that we have been given the opportunity to decide who we are at our innermost level. That may sound kind of silly or that I am merely being melodramatic. However, look at women’s underwear. They have had this variety in under garb for a lot longer than men have. In many ways, women have had certain freedoms in expression, emotion, sensuality and the revelation of their honest self which men were denied.

This is why it is important that men have the options and the availability of underwear in as diverse an array of personalities as we are. Men no longer are enslaved to the colorless, styleless, drab realm of conceptualized machismo. We have been emancipated to express ourselves and show off the authenticity of our true individuality. Men are now free to reveal the beauty of their masculinity in both mind and body. Our selection of underwear gives us the choice to be fun, sexy, rugged, athletic, angelic, wild, docile, feisty, secure, bold, artistic, humorous, licentious, chic, noble, heroic, or any other word you may use to describe yourself. What you got under will blast through like thunder! You’re free men, deck yourself out as who you are in every color, style and fit that describes you!

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