I met Frank Dandy at Curve and have struck up a great relationship with them. They are distributors based here in the Atlanta and have some really fun and great underwear. The thing I like best about Frank Dandy is they do some really cool things with prints. They aren’t boring and plain.

I got probably the most conservative pair they have. The Frank Brief. They have a really great waistband. Which you now I love. It’s a blue, white and red waistband. A little thicker, but felt great. If you aren’t a fan of wider waistbands you may stick to the regular.

The brief fit great. I liked the fit and feel of them. They were made out of a nylon blend that really breathed thought out the day. One thing that I know you guys may like is they are an awesome gym pair. They are simple in styling but fit great. I’m sure you wouldn’t draw too much attention to yourself.

These are perfect for those of you wanting a great pair to wear to the gym but still be stylish and not draw too much attention to yourself. I really enjoyed them and will wear them often.

Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
Daily Wear 4

These were provided by Kingston Lounge Now, North American Distributor for Frank Dandy. The sizing is true. The size I got fit me pretty well. You do not need to go up or down a size in the Brand.


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