I love ingenuity in design and I love underwear. When I was doing my normal browse through “What’s New” online, I stumbled across one of the more unique designs I have seen lately—the K’Mando Strapless Pouch which I immediately purchased.

The K’Mando promised to feel like you were wearing nothing at all while worn under jeans or gym clothes. When I received my product in the mail I was severely disappointed. Upon inspection the K’Mando seemed to be a tiny sock like pouch with two metal snap buttons on the side to close. The fabric/material indeed also seemed like sock quality.

One advertised feature of the K’Mando was three separate compartments to “hold all your parts gently in place”. I still can only find one unless they are counting the tiny room in front and the barely noticeable seam on the bottom.

I just had to try this contraption on which was where my struggle began. Now I consider myself fairly average to slightly above in the size department and the K’Mando simply does not fit. It is available in one size and unless I spent an hour in a freezing pool of water, I doubt I would ever be able to get it to fit properly. The material did not stretch enough to accommodate much.

Fit 1
 Materials 1.5
 Construction 2
 Look 2
 Daily Wear 1

Normally I can find something I like in a product that isn’t my cup of tea, but I am sorely disappointed in this design. Hopefully a version 2.0 will be made and I can try again.


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