AussieBum has created this new line called, Flame and rightfully named.  As you can probably guess from the photo, these trunks celebrate the man who dares to play with fire!   If you’re looking to add big and bold color or simply wanting to incorporate diversity into your underwear collection, you might consider this new collection from AussieBum.

The Flame collection is comprised of three separate fabrics that work well together and provide the ideal fit that you have come to expect from a traditional trunk.  These sexy undies have the branded waistband and come in four amazing colors embossed in silicon for a provocative yet comfortable fit.   With a blend of fabrics which includes 59% polyester, 31% cotton and 10% Elastane, this construction makes for a breathable, soft and well supported pair of sexy underwear.

On initial testing, I wore this pair all day long and didn’t want to take them off at the end of the day.  They look expensive and feel so equally.  I never once experienced a problem with them The pair stayed in place without being restrictive. Likewise, the pair includes a double layered standard-size pouch which will go a long way towards longevity.

AussieBum has quickly moved up my underwear chart as one of my top 5 underwear manufacturers. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this line.  Make sure to check out their additional celebrated colors.  They might actually inspire you explore the hot fame that burns from within!

Personal scoring as follows:

Fit:  5.0
Materials:  5.0
Construction:  5.0
Look:  5.0
Daily Wear:  5.0
Overall:  5.0

These trunks were provided by Aussie Bum and can be purchased at their following website:


As an admirer of art, I’ve always appreciated the role that underwear has played in men’s fashion. For me personally, underwear serves as a catalyst for allowing men to present their style and fashion sense while remaining masculine and true to themselves. Since fashion is an expression of oneself, this allows men to do so privately, intimately and socially….it’s the best of all worlds! I'm currently a resident of Atlanta, GA. and work fulltime as a Project Manager for a large Computer/IT company.

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