The N2N Bodywear Odyssey Pouch Boxer in color Aluminum was an interesting pair of underwear to try.  I say that because I found the coloring on the Aluminum to be exciting and fresh, but the fabric to be entirely too stretchy.  I enjoyed the styling, but found the waistband to be a plain piece of white fabric.  So, this may be the most challenging review I have had the pleasure of writing.

I will offer a bit of advice, be careful while putting these on.  The first leg was fine, but my foot caught the stretchy leg of the second and I nearly killed myself falling over.  Go ahead and laugh;It is appropriate at this time.  After pulling this pair of underwear up and on, I had to actually reach into the front and put myself into the pouch because of the way it was placed and sewn on the front.  The crotch fit close and I noticed the seam in the back was enjoying its high positioning.

While wearing this pair of pouch boxers (fancy name for boxer brief I suppose), I went on my normal routine.  After teaching a couple of classes at the college, I found the underwear to be supportive and extremely comfortable.  The waistband, while plain except for a fabric N2N logo sewn on the front, was comfortable.  The leg length hit mid-thigh and was great.  The waistband sat below the waist and felt a little low when compared to other boxer briefs.

This pouch boxer is 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex.  This makes for a nice feel, but it was a bit stretchy before washing (after washing they fit much better and were true to size Large).  The leg length was perfect and the pouch ample (there will be no complaints from the above average crowd with this pouch).  Aluminum was the coloring I tried with each pouch boxer receiving their own special coloring due to the dyeing process.

The price, as listed on the N2N Bodywear website for the Odyssey Pouch Boxer is $22.  The price is just right for a specialty pair of underwear that you will not find anywhere else.  The construction is fantastic with nice stitching and perfect symmetry.  Overall, the N2N Bodywear Odyssey Pouch Boxer is a fairly nice pair of underwear and would be a nice addition to any underwear collection.


  • Coloring
  • Fabric
  • Construction


  • Plain white waistband
  • High pouch and rear seam









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*


These were furnished for review by N2N Bodywear



  1. Branded men’s boxer underwear will be the best choice for every individual guy. Though undies are hidden type of wear yet it considered to be as most essential clothing.

    • I bought two of these, one boxer trunk and one brief and in ten years of buying various styles and brands it is my favorite. “Too stretchy”? Better to have loose underwear? It clung comfortably to my body and couldn’t even feel it it was so comfortable. I loved the marble like pattern and the color and how subtle sexy it was. The reason I found this review was because I google searched it trying to find out how to buy it.

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