I’m all for trying new things—be it food, activities or in this case underwear—so I was extremely excited to hear that I was getting a g-string to review—something I have very little experience with (being that it’s outside my boxers and jocks world).  David and I opened our packages at the same time and we were less than enthused at the looks of our new arrivals. Both just seemed very bland.  Mine admittedly had a better shape to it than David’s and at least some semblance of style.  Maybe they’d be comfortable though?

I wasn’t so lucky.  The pouch is made from an 82% nylon 12% elastane blend which is normally a fantastic feeling fabric—very silky.  Unfortunately, it bunches and feels like it pinches the skin.  I wore it out to dinner and after returning home, found that the shape of the pouch had changed so that the sides were completely vertical and not covering everything that they should have been.  I’ve worn thongs before, and can quite enjoy the feeling of it riding up the crack, but this elastic band was very harsh and chafed, rather than feeling gentle up the back.

Available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL) at $9.95 from ABCunderwear.com it’s not a bad price, and the variety of colors is great but the comfort of the g-string and the lack of shape leave much to be desired.


  • Different
  • Fabric
  • Price
  • Colors


  • Looks
  • Comfort









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*


This pair was furnished by ABC Underwear for Review

Review by: Keith


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