I was away on a business trip when my new undies arrived, but was so excited when David showed them to me on Skype.  From far away they had a really nice looking cut, great color (a very subtle purple) and fun design.  David told me that he was far less impressed with them in person.  On returning home, I’m a little less impressed, but not totally disappointed.

Upon wearing the 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex briefs, my first thought was comfortable and actually not bad looking, but David noticed that they were asymmetrical (the vertical lines outlining the crotch were different lengths), and said they looked cheap.  When I looked in the mirror, I had to agree, the lines were different lengths and gave a very uneasy feel to the look.  Besides that, the waistband lettering is uneven (and you’d think the Undz part of the name would be front and center, but it’s the Org that sits over the crotch), and overall they look like they were bought off of the bargain rack after not passing inspection, they have that “as is” look to them.

Where the UndzOrg undies excel is in price.  At $4.99 each (available in purple, grey, blue, white, pink, green, and black), the price is what you’d expect to pay for a pair of bargain brand underwear.  Just as a side note: the website is awful.  Incorrect grammar, spelling, and it’s just offensive in how little it seems the company thinks of their customers.


  • Price
  • Color
  • Choice of colors


  • Material
  • Looks cheap









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*


There were furnished to review by Undz.org

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