There are many out there who just go guy thermal underwear or long johns and fashion never enters their minds. The man goal is to keep warm. It’s the whole function over form argument. But, there is a whole camp that wants something fashionable and also keep warm at the same time. 2(x)ist has done this with the new Tartan line. The line has  a really cool tartan waistband and isn’t the standard Long Johns.

The Tartan Long Johns are made out of 100% Cotton. Colors available are Red, White and Black. This line is out over the holiday season. hence why we have the festive colors.

You maybe saying you like the line but don’t live in a cold climate. You can get each in No-Show Brief, No-Show Trunk,  and Henley. All available in the colors mentioned.

Go to 2(x)ist website to check out the complete Tartan Line


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