My name is Sean.  I live, play and work in the design industry in Boston. I have been wearing thongs for years! I originally fell in love with the thought of wearing something that was barely there, but then came to appreciate the functional design of such a garment. I wear thongs during my day-to-day life, especially in the summer and almost always at the gym. Thongs are perfect for the gym because they do not restrict any motion and there is very little bunching – as an avid yogi and runner, this is a MUST! I also wear thongs out on the town, not to show off, but to go unnoticed under light colored pants.

Today I am reviewing the NDS G-Sting from ABC Underwear. This particular G-String comes in a variety of colors—I just so happen to be wearing the red one. The packaging was fairly no-frills, but I was still excited to try them on! The G-String had the standard string sides with an adjustable pouch. Upon first inspection, the construction looked pretty good – almost as if it were meant to double as a swimsuit on account of the nylon/elastane blend. The label is a black/silver tag placed on the front of the pouch at the top, which I could do without as it cheapens the look. The sizing on this model was small/medium and was displayed on a large tag attached at the top of the interior of the pouch.  This posed a problem for someone of my size.  I am 6’1 with a size 30 waist, meaning smalls usually fit just right.  This small/medium was definitely too large unless it was meant to be worn higher than standard low-rise underwear. Sometimes being skinny is a curse!

I decided to wear them out for dinner and drinks with friends. I put the G-String on and inspected things in the mirror before setting out. The pouch is contoured, presumably to fit the natural anatomy of a man. This had it pros and cons—the cons not being noticeable until I was out and about.  While it felt as if my “fellas” were allowed to swing, so to speak, there was a lack of support and a little too much swing of the pouch while walking. This didn’t offer up a nice display of ones assets and the pouch tended to change size as it was not securely fastened to the waist string. The waist of the pouch tended to bunch after walking from the restaurant to the bar and required some adjusting throughout the night. While it was nice to not feel confined, the pouch offered a little too much space and swing and was a little uncomfortable as the night went on. While I wasn’t thrilled with the G-String, it was fun to play with the size of the pouch!



  • Good construction,
  • fun color.



  • Adjustable pouch bunched and had a strange contour, itchy tags, slightly too big in the waist, back strap and pouch,


The ratings









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

These were finished for review by ABC Underwear.


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