My first impression of the RYOCCO dark blue stripe bikini brief from Colombia was, Wow!  That looks just like some Unico briefs I have.  With that said, this review may not bode well for RYOCCO, but we shall see.  The design of the underwear features what the brand calls an “enhancement cup” instead of a pouch.  Well, it is a pouch.  Like so many other underwear companies, the focus is on creating a seam, or band, that creates a pouch by running from the waistband and down and around the package to pull the package up and push it out.  This is a nice feature of newer pouch style underwear, but some go to the extreme in lifting and pushing forward.  RYOCCO did a nice job on the pouch, but it is a pouch that many guys will not entirely fit into as it gives very little and is on the smaller side.

The fabric is 63.1% Poylster, 34% Cotton, and 2.9% Spandex.  This selection of materials created a slightly stretchy fabric, but one that holds its shape and molds to the body.  The seat and sides had large stripes while the pouch had smaller stripes to provide visual interest.  The leg openings were small and tight which provided an uncomfortable fit.  The rear panel was sewn in two pieces with a large seam that defined the buttocks well.  The crotch was just the right width so that it would not bunch up and feel odd while wearing.  Overall, I was not pleased with the fit and size Large was small for me as I can wear most any large perfectly.

I wore these on standard days of general daily activity and shopping.  This bikini brief was not very comfortable and felt tight against my body.  The fabric was soft with a nicely sized waistband width.  My khaki pants and my jeans had no issue with clinging to the undies or pulling at them during the day due to the fabric.  I found several sites offering this bikini for around $20.  So, the cost is high for this pair of underwear.  Overall, I felt this pair of briefs to be rather disappointing.  However, I am certain that if you like Unico underwear, you will like these, as well, due to the fit and selection of styles they offer.


  • Nice choice of varying stripes


  • Pouch is small
  • Cost









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

These were furnished for review by Ryocco



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