Bum-Chums!  The latest entry into the growing mens underwear market is quite a nice brand to have found.  Hailing from Britain and featuring all British materials with the construction, these undies are not to be underestimated in quality, wearability, and style.  I was able to try the Lemon-Lush Hip Brief.

The soft fabric consists of Cotton and Lycra creating a soft feel to the touch and to the areas covered by the undies.  The hip brief is more of a low rise brief with no fly.  This pair has a roomy pouch and they were very stretchy and conforming to the body.  The hip brief was bright yellow with a black band with bright pink lettering.  This pair featured paneled construction consisting of three panels, two in the front and one in the rear.  I did not really care for the rather large brand tag on the left front of this pair of undies.

The size large was a perfect fit.  When I opened the hip-brief, I found it to look tiny and it resembled a small, but it was stretchy and fit well.  I enjoyed wearing this pair of the Bum-Chums.  The cut of the hip brief made for easy maneuverability and stayed put all day.  I wore these on standard days of general daily activity.  My jeans had no issue with clinging to this pair due to the fabric composition.  Overall, the fit of the hip brief was nice and I enjoyed wearing them.  The price is similar to other specialty underwear and comes in around the $20-25 mark per pair.


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These were furnished for review by Bum-Chums


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