Calling the Petit-Q String Ohlala underwear would be doing it a great disservice. This thong-like accouterment is delicate, fun, sexy, and so different from anything I’ve ever worn. Described as male lingerie, the Ohlala comes in black and is made of (as far as I can tell, there are no tags with the material makeup) cotton and spandex.

I was a little worried about whether the Ohlala would be comfortable to wear for a whole day, so I tried it out one night while going for dinner instead. While it was comfortable during the meal, by dessert I was already starting to get a little antsy to get it off. My recommendation is not to use this for everyday wear, but save it for a special occasion (or a few special occasions).

What’s great about this underwear is its versatility. One day you can wear it as a thong, one day just a pouch, and because of the snaps on it, there are a large variety of ways that the item may be worn. The downside to this however, is that it can be extremely confusing trying to figure out how to get it on. When none of the snaps are together, the underwear becomes a puzzle that can take a bit of effort to solve. It would have been nice if they came with an instruction manual of the various ways to put the snaps together. Before I did more research online, I didn’t even realize that there was more than one way to snap it together. If I hadn’t researched, I may have missed out on one of the biggest benefits to the Petit-Q Ohlala, and just thought that I’d received a thong in the mail.



  • Completely unique!
  • Fun
  • Sexy
  • Versatile


  • Not for everyday use
  • Confusing to get on









Daily Wear



*OUT of 5*


These were furnished for review by Petit-Q


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