Right off the bat I thought mesh? I don’t know how it will look or feel on me! But after I slipped on the smooth yet fitted pair of the Bum Chums I knew I had a winner! The see through material gives you a sensual feeling of freedom and sexiness but also a great feeling of comfort and security that the goodies won’t fall out.

At first glance, I was questionable as to how they were going to feel. I figured the mesh would be itchy and not comfortable. However, I the fit is amazing. If you were not looking, it would feel like you had a pair of cotton boxer briefs on until you look in the mirror and woops, there’s your bum peaking through the see through material!

Positives: First and foremost is the fit. The fit of this pair is amazing. You could wear this during the day when running errands, chilling around the house, or underneath your going out outfit for a Friday or Saturday night! Not to mention a romantic evening with your significant other to really heighten the mood. 😉 Also the feel of the fabric is amazing. It’s breathable which is a huge plus! You can wear it under any outfit and no one would know what you’re wearing underneath until they slip it off and surprise!

Negatives: I find the only negative is that the fabric could tear if anything sharp is around it or if you pull too hard on the fabric. So make sure you order the correct size. They fit normal and they don’t run small so you should be good with a normal size you always wear.

This pair is a winner in my book and in my pants. You can wear it out and feel sexy but at the same time knowing your bum is safe and secure. I would fully recommend that every man should have a pair of these Bum-Chums that will soon becoming a Chum for your Bum!


Fit  5
Material  4
Construction  4
Look  4
Daily Wear  4
Overall  4.2

These were furnished for review by Bum-Chums.


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