As an avid underwear fan, I’m always excited to try out new brands.  However, I find it is so easy for me to just stick with my favorites on a daily basis, and I end up missing out on some great new brands that are out there.  Like this bikini from Cover Male.

Launched in 2011, Cover Male creates sexy underwear that a man can wear on a daily basis.  This is a goal of many underwear companies, I Cover Male has hit the nail just about on the head with this one.

I love the waistband on these. The name squarely centered on the front and back between the Cover Male logo, I didn’t feel any binding that is often the reason I don’t wear some of the briefs I own (I hate having to tug at the waist band of some briefs, and there’s nothing worse then a brief-induced muffin top).  I reviewed a Medium size, which fit perfectly for my 31-inch waist.  The fabric, 83% polyester & 17% spandex, feels great on the skin.   With a center seam, the pouch does a great job of keeping everything in place.  I do wish the seat were a little fuller, as I found myself doing the dreaded underwear pick a couple of times throughout the day.










Daily Wear



*Out of 5*



Available in 11 colors. Furnished for review by Cover Male





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