Petit Q‘s jockstrap is a very sexy showpiece that is for a confident guy that wants to feel sexy.  They have a French appeal to them, with a quality sheer material in the front and contrasting black criss cross straps around the back.  The layout of the straps on the hips and back feels very sexy, and a little naughty.  The front pouch is a sheer fabric cut and sewn to wrap around every detail of your package.

These are definitely best saved for a special night or occasion.  I did need to adjust the straps for a bit in the mirror to make sure everything was in the correct spot and laying flat, but once I was in, I felt great.  Again, these are for a confident guy, there’s not much to these except a sexy web of straps.  I saved them for a special night with the boyfriend and he was more than happy to get caught in that web!  They really turned both of us on, so if you feel comfortable in a hot design and are in the mood for a sexy pair of underwear, I’d recommend these.


  • Design
  • Look


  • Not for everyday wear
  • Complex straps
  • Sheer front
Fit 3
Materials 4
Construction 5
Look 4
Daily Wear 2
Overall  3.2

These were furnished for review by Petit-Q


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