As being a football lineman build, I always find it tough for underwear that fits correctly. It’s either too small in some areas or too big in others. With this pair, the black nylon fabric has a nice soft feel to it. It breathes and stretches well with each step you take.

From the first glance at the pair, it looks like a pair you would wear when one is about to be in a porno or getting ready to hop on stage for a strip tease. But it definitely is one that peaks the interest and begs you to try it on.

When I first wore this pair, it really turned me on. The built in c-strap helps lift and keep your goodies up and at attention, while the pouch keeps it supported. The open back leaves much anticipation for a little action. It is a pair that I would not want to wear when heading to the gym or to do vigorous activity.

Positives- if you’re in a “frisky” mood I would definitely recommend this pair. It gives you a feeling of sexiness that a pair of regular boxer briefs wouldn’t give you. The feel of the nylon is one that is a huge turn on against your manhood. For a night of fun and excitement I would fully recommend this pair!

Negatives- this pair is not practical and for an everyday use. The open back may give you chafing during vigorous activity. Also the c-ring may get in the way of daily activities and make it difficult for you to continue throughout the day without feeling a sense of excitement. Also it did ride a little low for my taste so the plumber butt crack always made me aware.









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This pair was furnished for review by Petit-Q


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