With most good underwear, at some point during a day of wear, you should start to forget that you’re wearing underwear and not notice it. Thongs seem to be the exception to this rule as a good thong while not making you think about it all day. It will every once in a while rub the right way to remind you that it’s there. Made of a nylon, elastane, and lycra mix, the Bum-Chums Black Sneak Peek Thong does just that in all the right ways.

While a bit timid to immediately wear the thong for a full day, I felt ballsy (no pun intended) one day and decided to go for it. I’m very glad I did. They were extremely comfortable and every once in a while I’d move my body in a way that the thong strap would rub in just the right way. When that happens, it just makes you feel sexy for just that one instant, no matter where you are or what else you are wearing.

Speaking of sexy, these are sure to get some looks in (and out) of the bedroom. The mesh is beautiful and the shape of the underwear, both back and front is fantastic framing everything perfectly. The only place you may not want to wear them is the gym (between the thong rubbing, and the mesh not hiding anything, it may not be the appropriate activewear)

This underwear is a fantastic all-around thong. It’s smooth, sexy, comfortable and appropriate for everyday wear. Next time you think about being a little daring in everyday life, I highly recommend trying out the Bum-Chums Black Sneak Peek Thong!


  • Comfortable
  • Sexy
  • The right kind of rubbing


  • Not for gym use









Daily Wear



*OUT of 5*


These were furnished for review by Bum-Chums


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