Gregg Homme provided us at Underwear News Briefs with several fantastic pairs of underwear and I was lucky enough to get the red PERFEKBUM pair in the square cut brief.  This pair was quite exciting to try as I enjoy trying undies, especially those that are new and have some sort of interesting bit of a new concept to them.

The Hyperstretch microfiber fabric is designed to cling to the curvature of the body and it did its job well.  The fabric was soft and ultimately felt like a second skin against my body.  The square cut brief in size large was a great fit and true to sizing.

After opening the package and trying on the brief, I found the quality to be excellent, the look was overwhelmingly sexy, the fabric soft and supple, and the rear were magnificent.  The pouch was conforming, comfortable, and lifting while the one inch waistband with the Gregg Homme logo patch placed on the center front.  The new and exciting bit about this pair of briefs was the elastic cord that runs from the base of the pouch between the buttocks and connects to the center of the back of the waistband.  This was the perfect addition to this brief to outline the buttocks and provide greater definition and curvature to the rear.  In addition to the elastic enhancing cord, there is a lip opening below the waistband in the rear where the cord connects to prevent unwanted stretching and bunching of the fabric.  I thoroughly enjoyed the overall look of the brief with the way it was cut, was taut against the body, the rich coloring of the red, and the feel of the fabric.

I wore this Gregg Homme square cut brief from beginning of the day until the very end of the evening.  I began the day with working from home on class related grading.  I shopped for groceries later in the afternoon.  After resting for a bit, I headed out to a new club I am beginning to call my second home.  After sitting, chatting, dancing, and some showing of my undies to my friends for thoughts on the pair, I can say that these briefs held up the entire day and felt great the entire time I had them on.  The elastic cord that provided a nice separation of the buttocks never was uncomfortable or had to be adjusted during the day for being irritating or out of place.

Overall, I majorly enjoyed this pair of underwear.  I liked the tightness of the rear, the feel of the fabric, the look of the brief, the stretchy pouch, and the elastic cord that helped define my rear.  I found this pair to make me feel sexy, be rather erotic, and was comfortable all day while going about my activities.  This would be a perfect pair of underwear for any guy wanting to show off his rear a bit or add some definition.  In general, I have no complaints about this brief other than I suggest washing it by hand due to the fabric composition and cord just in case the cord catches on some other articles of clothing and causes a natural disaster in your washer.  Now, the price may cause some guys to shy away from this particular pair of underwear, but it is a specialty pair of underwear that has some great features that will only create a wonderful look for the wearer and provide some added confidence.


  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Construction
  • Enhancing elastic cord


  • Special washing instructions
  • Price









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This pair of underwear was furnished by, Gregg Homme, and may be found on their website for $41.95.


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