The pair I got to review is the Pistol Pete Tease Jock. Having the feeling of support is most important when wearing a jock strap. But having the freedom is also important.

Mostly I have nothing but positive comments to make in regards to this jock strap. First of all, I LOVED the fit. It was very comfortable. At times, it felt as though I was wearing nothing. It was fantastic. The Sheer material was very soft and breathable which I love. The top band doesn’t cut off or restrict your waist. It has a very pleasant feel to it and it also cups your package very well. This Jock Strap feels like you are wearing nothing but yet I still have the support. Also the sheer material keeps you nice and cool down there so you don’t get sweaty as you can with wearing a regular jock strap.

The first and only con I have is that it is made of a thin material so I would be scared for it to rip easily or not being durable. Even though it moves well, if it was to shrink it may rip. But With the material being Sheer and pre shrunk, I don’t think it would rip unless pulled on very hard or getting caught by a sharp object.

Overall, This is a pair of underwear that you can wear daily or wear in sporting events. Just make sure the other boys don’t get too jealous of your jock! I would recommend this to any man that wants to try a jock strap that he can wear with any activity. Or for a man who is just getting into some gear wear. It is so good, that you can wear it wherever and whenever you want!


  • Great Fit
  • Soft Materials
  • Great pouch


  • Thin Material
Fit- 5
Material- 5
Construction- 5
Look- 5
Daily Wear- 5
Overall- 5

This pair was furnished for review by Pistol Pete


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