N2N Bodywear never fails to impress me with styling, look, and color combination when it comes to their varying underwear forms and fashion.  The Quantum Brief from n2n Bodywear in Spicy Orange was a nice brief to try.  The fabric consists of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex to provide a soft feel with the perfect amount of stretch and give.  Most companies are beginning to use fabric blends instead of the standard 100% cotton we are all used to and I like it.  Size large was an okay fit, but not necessarily true to size with a comfortable one and a half inch dark grey, white, and orange striped waistband with the N2N logo placed several times on the waistband.

Upon first inspection, I found the brief to be more of a mini brief rather than an actual brief, the quality was good, the spicy orange (think a dark orange) color with grey, orange, and white striped waistband was a nice contrast, grey outlined leg openings, and the crotch fabric was slim for easy movement and no bunching.  There is a very slight pouch (if you really want to call it that) near the bottom of the front of the brief.  This brief is more of a flat stretchy piece of fabric rather than an actual pouch brief.  After putting this pair on and viewing myself in the mirror, size large was a bit smallish, but not tragically so.  The rear fit well and the brief moved with my body movements and conformed to the body in a nice way.  Overall, I enjoyed this brief with the fit and color combination.

I wore this N2N Bodywear Quantum Brief from beginning of the day until around 6:30 that evening.  I began the day with an hour and a half drive to a local tourist town, spent the day shopping and such in the heat, ate lunch, and drove back home before peeling this brief off.  The brief was comfortable and supportive throughout the day and I had no issue with riding up or bunching of fabric.

Overall, this was an enjoyable pair of underwear and loved the color combination of dark orange and grey.  I liked the feel of the fabric and the look of the brief.  The price is reasonable for this type of specialty underwear.  In general, I have a couple of complaints about this brief.  First, sizing for N2N undies seems to be slightly off, but not dramatically so.  Second, these undies come with washing it by hand (or wash with like colors) instructions which could be an issue with some guys, but I have no problem performing this simple routine of washing.  I would HIGHLY recommend washing the brief by hand, or on cold and delicate cycle if you use a machine then hanging/laying it flat to dry.


  • Fabric
  • Construction
  • Styling/Look


  • Special washing instructions
  • Sizing was a bit off









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This pair of underwear was furnished by, N2N Bodywear, and may be found the N2N Website for  $21.


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