N2NBodywear always has great styling, look, and color combination when it comes to their varying underwear styles.  The Ultra Skin Singlet from n2nBodywear in Harvest Gold was a nice singlet to try.  The fabric consists of 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex and provides a soft feel with the perfect amount of stretch and give to the body hugging fabric.  Size large was a great fit.  It seems that the market for wrestling singlets is growing as I consistently see them in photographs on various websites, more and more companies are making them, and I have seen a couple in various real life settings.

Upon first inspection, I found the singlet to be similar to those worn by wrestlers in high school and college, the quality was good, the harvest gold (think a dark yellow) color had grey and black stripes coming from the lower, inner thigh and extending to the upper, outside hip outlined leg openings, black outlined the neck and arm openings, and the leg length was perfect for easy movement and no bunching.  There is no pouch with this singlet which means it shows off the package very well.  This singlet is more of a flat stretchy piece of fabric rather than having an actual pouch and some guys will love it while others do not.

After putting this singlet on and viewing myself in the mirror, size large was a nice fit and looked nice from the front and the back with the n2n logo on the front chest area.  The rear fit well and the singlet moved with my body movements and conformed to the body in a nice way and showed every curve.  The singlet is sewn in two panels for the rear to provide a nice look with the way the seam falls between the buttocks.  Overall, I enjoyed this singlet with the fit and look, but wasn’t a fan of the color combination.  Also, I found it to be extremely sexy and it made me feel sexy while wearing it so I really want to call this erotic/fetish wear.

Overall, this was an enjoyable pair of underwear/activewear/wrestling wear/erotic/fetish wear (not sure what to call it as it is adaptable to various situations).  I liked the feel of the fabric and the look of the singlet.  The price is reasonable for this type of specialty underwear/activewear.  In general, I have a couple of complaints about this singlet.  First, I am not sure where one would really wear this singlet to other than a wrestling “event.”  This leads me to wonder just how many times I will get to wear this singlet and is it worth the money to buy one for one or two wears.  I mean, one is really not going to wear this to the gym, running, sitting at work under your clothes, etc.  Second, washing should provide no problem with the fabric combination, but do not iron.


  • Fabric
  • Construction
  • Styling/Look


  • Color Combination
  • Wearability









Daily Wear




*Out of 5*

This pair of underwear was furnished by, N2NBodywear, and may be found on various websites for around $44.


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