I squealed with excitement when I opened my mailbox to find that my first ever pair of N2N’s had arrived. I was on my way out of town for the weekend, so ran up to my condo to toss it on, and skip out of town. Upon first inspection, I thought that I would never fit into the tiny undergarment, made from 90% cotton 10% spandex. The waist and pouch all looked too small, however, much to my surprise, the ultra thin fabric stretched to just the right size.

I grabbed my suitcase and set out for the journey out of town. It was a hot spring day, so the breathable material was perfect for running last minute errands around town. I completely forgot that I even had it on! I was rocking the white pair, as the only other option is black. The fit of the small was out of this world, just the right amount of stretch, while maintaining their shape as the day wore one. After schlepping through the city, I hopped in my car. The thong stayed in place during my errands and even after all the getting in and out of my car that I did. After time, especially when sitting, sometimes the back strap of the thong can have a little ‘pull,’ which sometimes leads to slight discomfort, however, that was not the case with the Cotton G.

Again, the thong is constructed out of a stretchy cotton/spandex blend. The seams are all well-stitched, and finished properly, meaning there were no loose threads or uneven stitches. The waist straps are about an inch wide, while the rear strap is about a half an inch. This thong has a single-layered contoured pouch with a seam that runs down the center, giving things a little boost. The way the pouch is seamed and contoured lifts your package up and out, with out doing so in an uncomfortable way, because we all know those built in straps and cups get awkward after a few hours. The care tag is very small and located at the top of the back of the thong, made out of a soft material, so it did not cause discomfort.

I cannot even begin to express my love for this thong. It is perfect! From the single-layered, contoured pouch to the stretchy breathable material, this might be the best thong I have ever had the pleasure of wearing!

In terms of care, N2N suggests a cold hand or machine wash, and a quick bout in the dryer on low/medium heat. I put them through the wringer and they held up quite well! They go for around $15 and come in classic black and white!


–                single layered, contoured pouch

–                soft, breathable fabric

–                low rise, barely there


–           only two color options


Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

*OUT of 5*

This pair was furnished by N2N Bodywear and is available for $15.00 at their site.


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