Hey guys, before I get into the review I want to introduce myself, my name is Brandon and I am from the Midwest. I am in my late 20s, and my fascination with/obsession for men’s underwear began a couple of years ago. I am married to a beautiful woman who has evolving viewpoints on my growing underwear collection. I have been running my own personal Twitter (@firstthingon) and Tumblr (firstthingon.tumblr.com) pages for about four months with essentially a couple goals in mind. The first is to illustrate that straight men can (and should) be able to enjoy men’s designer underwear and all the styles that come with it without feeling self-conscious. The second and more over-arching goal is to expose all guys to different brands and styles with detailed reviews on the products I buy and wear. That’s why I am excited to have the opportunity to pursue those goals on a widely-read forum like Underwear News Briefs, I look forward to providing you detailed reviews of what I am wearing.

My first pair to review is the ‘Brief Dominante’ from Mundo Unico. To be honest I had modest expectations for these as I own just one thing from Mundo Unico, a Brazilian T-Back Thong I got on sale months ago which didn’t exactly impress. The same cannot be said about this brief. It’s made from 78% Lycra Nylon and 22% Spandex and has what the designer calls a “suspensor pouch” which is supposed to let your boys hang more naturally. The brief comes in one color, navy blue, and the XL fit just a bit larger than I would have liked but as a general rule, Unico runs small and a L would have been a bit too small for my 37 inch waist.

I wore this pair for about eight hours on a busy night. I wore them under a suit for a dinner I had to attend and they were doing such a great job in the heat that I kept them on to do an hour or so of yard work (mowing, edging) when I got back home. The soft Lycra material was very breathable which was nice on such a hot night. The brief is really well constructed for everyday use, the leg openings didn’t stretch or restrict and the waist band which has a bit of a sheen to it also held up well.

While I would label the color of the brief more “Slate” than Navy, the contrasting silver waistband provides enough style to keep this brief from being just another average, everyday pair. While I prefer a sportier, bikini-type cut this brief features a very traditional cut, and the all-day comfort and breathability of this particular pair allows me to make an exception. One area that deserves a bit of criticism is the pouch. The description claims the pouch is designed to let you be naturally “suspended” but I think this pair falls somewhat short of that mark. While the pouch certainly won’t constrict you in the way most traditional briefs might, I never truly felt in the hours I wore it, like my package was able to assume and maintain a “natural” position the way that some other labels’ designs might allow you to, and if I am being totally honest, you don’t actually get much support, either.

In the end the brief stands up well, especially on hotter days with its moisture-wicking Lycra material and while I won’t be clamoring for more designs like it from Unico, if you’re a more traditional brief type of man, I’d definitely recommend this one to you.


  • Provides soft, all-day comfort
  • Breathable
  • Should possess a long lifespan


  • Pouch design needs work
  • Could be more supportive

Fit – 4
Materials – 5
Construction – 3
Look – 3
Daily Wear – 5
OVERALL *OUT of 5* – 4

This pair was furnished for review by Mundo Unico Store


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