Mundo Unico underwear has never been a personal favorite of mine.  However, I enjoy seeing their product on guys, but I have found them not to look the best on me.  Maybe I am just picky.  With this pair of underwear, things changed.

The Mundo Unico 7” Short Boxer Degaste style in slate blue with silver trim and silver and khaki stripes was nice to try. This was due to the difference in the fabric.  The fabric consists of 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex for a soft feel with perfect stretch and conforming abilities to provide adequate support and lines that guys love.  Size X-Large was a nice fit, but not true to size as I am a true large in undies (Size up, boys!).  The pair has a comfortable one and a half inch silver waistband and Mundo Unico patch on the rear waistband and Unico listed around the waistband in a light silver lettering to provide a nice contrast against the slightly darker silver waistband.  The body of the brief is slate blue with silver and khaki contrasting stripes on the panels and pouch.  I like that Unico has stripes that seem to enhance the body and pouch area.  Also, the paneled construction creates a nice fit that contours to the body and provides a nice look.

Upon first inspection, the boxer is more of a squarecut boxer rather than what one thinks of when you use the word boxer. The quality was good, the slate blue with silver and khaki stripes and silver waistband is a excellent combination (love this).  While the rear consists of separate panels to provide support and definition of the rear and the pouch size was adequate (stretchy and accommodating).  After putting this pair on, I found the pouch to be defining and I loved the silver and khaki stripes on each side of the pouch to enhance the pouch and draw attention to the goods.  I have not liked Unico in the past due to the pouch and crotch being too tight, but this pair was very nice in those areas.  I like this change with this new fabric.  The fabric was conforming and felt nice against my body as it moved fluidly with my movements.  The rear was excellent!  The way the rear is paneled together in pieces allows for definition and provided a nice look.

I wore this Unico Boxer from beginning of the day until around 8:30 that night.  I began the day with my normal Sunday morning routine, then driving to do a bit of shopping and trying on clothes, and driving back home.  The rest of the day was spent completing various tasks around the house.  I washed the boxer and wore them the next day, as well, all day, to and from work.  After all of this, the boxer remained comfortable and supportive.  I had no problems with riding up during the day.  I had a bit of a problem with bunching of fabric in the crotch area from the leg openings, but it was not anything I could not handle and nothing unsurprising as I feel like most boxers/boxer briefs/squarecuts do this to some extent.  It seemed like the fabric became more comfortable as the day wore on each day of wearning.   The pouch was supportive and comfortable.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and served the purpose well.  I liked the look of the rear, the way the stripes enhance the pouch, the feel of the fabric, the overall look of the boxer, the conforming nature of the fabric, and the contrasting of the slate blue and silver color combination.  The price is fairly reasonable for this type of specialty underwear due to styling, coloring, and fit.  In general, I have no major complaints about this boxer other than some people are not going to pay the price for them.


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This pair of underwear was furnished by Mundo Unico Store, and is available for around $29.00.


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