From the start, my attitude towards these “boxers” (trunks) wasn’t great, but the truly disappointing thing was that my attitude wasn’t changed once I got them on. I’m not a huge fan of trunks any longer, and these are a little bit bigger than the standard trunk. They are made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex. They come in just one color, navy and feature Unico’s “Suspensor Pouch.” My pair was an XL, which fit me a bit larger than I’d like, but on the whole, I just don’t think Unico underwear fits me well.

I wore this pair for almost an entire Saturday and I was pretty busy throughout the day. The material is Lycra but seemed much too thick and did not wick sweat away as well as I thought it might when I got them on. The overall construction is good, with the patented “upside-down Y-seam” in the back. I would say that if you’re a boxer brief kind of guy, this would more than meet your expectations.

The boxer briefs are navy and feature a silvery logo waistband which provides a nice flare of style. The other thing this boxer brief to keep its style from being incredibly boring is a unique textured pattern in the material itself.  Still, it is fairly bland style-wise and isn’t likely to blow you or your partner away with any “wow” factor. The fit seems to be held hostage by the construction and materials used. As soon as I got this pair on, I felt like I was wearing cycling shorts, not boxer briefs as the legs were extremely awkward fitting, and I think this made the “Suspensor Pouch” not as functional as it claims to be, either. My package felt cramped and uncomfortable, and I don’t feel like I was getting much support, as I was getting smashed.

In the end, I am kind of bummed. I don’t know if Mundo Unico and my body or body type just don’t gel together like they should or what, but I am disappointed to have to write such a negative review. I think if you’re a smaller framed guy who likes to wear bigger trunks that border on the boxer brief style, you should give it a try, but if you’re my size (6’4″ 225) and you like your trunks or boxer briefs, there are plenty of better options out there for you.


  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Sturdy materials and construction


  • Awkward fit all around
  • Pouch could be bigger or more contoured
  • Lacks a “buy me!” style factor at nearly $30

Fit – 2

Materials – 4

Construction – 4

Look – 3

Daily Wear – 3

Overall *Out of 5* – 3

These were furnished for review by Mundo Unico Store


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