These could possibly be the best pair of nylon boxer briefs I have ever owned. I wore in different daily activities and every time I was very pleased with the comfort and feel of these boxer briefs. They were black nylon around the back with a lime green front that had horizontal black stripes.

While at the gym, sometimes your boxer briefs can ride up creating that thong feel. With these boxer briefs, not only do they NOT ride up, but they keep everything is place. Even when you sweat they don’t stretch out or get bunched up. While wearing them out to go out, they don’t get bunchy beneath jeans or shorts or feel itchy at all. After wearing them all day and being very active, I was extremely pleased with the fit and comfort of this pair. I washed them about 4 times this past week and the color didn’t fade or the fabric didn’t change. They still felt the same and looked the same as they did when I got them out of the package.  I would recommend these to anyone big or small

The first con may be the price. I have a feeling that this pair may be on the pricey side, but the price of comfort and being able to wear these in any situation is priceless. Sometimes more expensive is better. The other con is that you may want to order them a size up. I usually wear a large and in this pair I wore an XL and they actually fit great. So don’t be sad by getting a size larger, just know that the comfort is all worth the size.

Being a huge underwear lover and I can safely say this is the best pair of underwear I have ever owned. The fit, the comfort, the feel, the versatility is all endless. I would recommend this pair to all men big and small, young and old. I have never owned a pair where I was so happy and in love with a pair as these. I would say to get this is all colors so that you can wear them for any and every activity every day you have. Not only does is fit great but they look fantastic on you. Cupping the proper areas in the front and back and also showing off your great assets.  If you want to own the best pair you’ve ever owned, buy them today!

·         Great fit
·         Versatile to wear in any activity
·         Stretchy fabric
·         Great feel
·         Doesn’t ruin in wash
·         Cups well on certain areas

·         Pricey
·         One size bigger than usually wear

Daily Wear-5

This pair was furnished by the Mundo Unico Store!


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