As an avid fan of laying in the sun and bronzing my body, I’m always on the lookout for new swimwear.  I’ve been a competitive swimmer and played water polo for many years, so I am quite used to wearing a speedo.  So much so that it has become my swimwear of choice, no matter what the location.

Besides, women wear small swimsuits all the time.  No reason why guys shouldn’t.  But that’s another story to be discussed at a different time.  Bum Chums is one of the newest men’s underwear and swimwear companies to hit the market.   They are dedicated to creating “fun and funky designs” while providing support in the front and back. The swim brief  is available in five vibrant colors: Cheeky Cherry, Blue Berry, Lemon Lush, Purple Plum and Pink Peach.

I received the Lemon Lush in a size medium. I’ve never owned anything by them so I was eager to try it out, and finally had a nice sunny day to hit the pool and work on my tan line.

I have to say that I was quite pleased with this suit.  Very comfortable and well made.  The waistband does a great job of concealing the drawstring, and sat on my hips perfectly.  Definitely an eye-catcher, this suit does like any good speedo and clings to the body and the seat gives your backside a little lift.  I did find that this particular color became slightly see through when wet, which isn’t a problem as the double lined pouch in the front keeps you from showing too much.  The tag is on the outside, so you don’t get that an tag showing through in the back when wet like you do with some other suits.


  • tag on front
  • double lined pouch
  • good support in front and back


  • might be slightly see through when wet (which might be a pro depending on the person!)










Daily Wear



*Out of 5*


This pair was furnished by Bum Chums and is available at



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