The weather has started getting a little cooler here in Atlanta (believe it or not).   Soon we will be into Fall and then eventually for what we call “winter”.   Just cold enough for most Southerners to go into hibernation and stay indoors for a couple of months.  And for those of us who love to be outdoors no matter what the weather, it’s the season of hot men in running tights.   I run year-round, so I own several pairs.  Worn with a long sleeved t-shirt and running shoes, it’s the perfect combination of just enough and not too much clothing to keep me warm on those blustery days.  I received the PX Runner athletic tights from N2N Bodywear in a size medium, and although it’s not quite cool enough to wear them for my morning runs I gave them a try one day while working out in the fitness room where I live.  These tights are multiple fabric; the solid fabric is 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex, the mesh fabric is 96% micro polyester and 4% spandex.  Super stretchy and form fitting, the standard that N2N is known for, these tights are not for the faint of heart.

The first thing you notice about these tights is the pouch front.  True to form, the pouch is designed to accentuate your god-given parts, and leaves nothing to the imagination.  And I do mean nothing.   Anyone who sees you in them will know just exactly what you are working with down there.  As daring as I tend to be, I’m not sure I would ever be able to wear these out running unless I wore shorts over them.   I caught two of my neighbors who happened to be in the fitness room stealing glances; lord only knows what they thought of my attire.  I do love the way they look though.  The different colors of the accent fabric and the mesh portions almost create a natural definition of the leg muscles.  And as I worked out I didn’t get over heated since the mesh is very breathable.  I did an upper body workout and then ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  I have to admit that as I ran I forgot about the pouch and just got into my run.  They were that comfortable.   So who knows, maybe once it’s actually cold outside I’ll give them a whirl on the streets.  That’ll be sure to stop some traffic (just what Atlanta needs, another traffic jam).

These athletic tights are available in three color patterns: black and white with grey mesh panels, yellow and white with black mesh panels, and blue and black with white mesh panels.


  • great fit
  • breathable mesh panels
  • inside drawstring


  • prominent pouch may cause some to wear additional layers


  • Fit – 5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 5
  • Daily Wear – 3
  • Overall – 4.6

*Out of 5*

The PX Runner was provided by N2N Bodwear and is available at for $60.00.


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