I received the Private Structure Spectrum Contour Trunk a couple of weeks back and I was incredibly excited to get to own/review them for you as I’ve had my eye on them for awhile. As some of my other posts might have indicated, I have been out of the trunk market for some time due to my love for briefs, but these really peaked my interest after seeing them online. Based on appearance alone, I thought I’d be getting a well-constructed trunk with a nice pop of color and when I got them in the mail, those expectations were met. These trunks are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and the pair I am reviewing came in “Salmon” according to most websites, but the packaging indicated “Fuchsia” and when you get them in your hand, they look far more pink, than the more understated watermelon/orange-pink the pictures on the website would indicate. The XL fits my 37 inch waist nicely and over all they have a good size-to-fit construction.

I wore this pair for a full day, and made sure the day was busy. Not all trunks are made the same, and since most of my trunks come from top brands 2(x)ist and Calvin Klein, I wanted to see how these would hold up. I wore them for a full work day, and then wore them while doing some yard work and other work around the house to get ready for our vacation. At the end of the day, I was both satisfied and fairly impressed. The construction of the trunk is very familiar, but one part makes it stand out. The trunk features a very sturdy vertical seam that runs from the waistband directly down your “crack” which creates an incredible shape. Additionally, two perpendicular seems form a Y-seam to each leg opening from the center “crack” seam, I assume this is to keep the brief from riding up your behind.

The fit of this trunk was fantastic because its construction makes it feel like you’re actually wearing a brief. The contour pouch is ample for just about everyone (although it could have been just slightly bigger for me) and the seam in the back ensures a very comfortable, supportive (in all areas) fit.  The only issue I have with the trunk is the material choice of the leg openings. Like most trunks the leg openings use spandex to stay tight, but by the end of the day, the leg openings were fairly stretched out and caused some “ride-up” in the front, which is annoying. My guess is that its a result of using too much cotton and not enough, or at least not sturdy-enough spandex in the leg openings.

Style wise, the trunk clings on to pop color as its main source of attractiveness, and the contrast white piping makes the bright colors pop that much more. The logo’d waistband is very typical, but I like the font and use of bold lettering. The trunk’s low-rise gives it a modern touch, while also making your bulge look even more enhanced. Based on my research, you can get this trunk in a dozen different color options, which is a huge plus for trunk fans.

Overall, I really like this trunk from Private Structure. It is well constructed, fits great, is as breathable as it can be, and has some nice style. I’ve worn it a couple of times already and when the weather gets cooler, it will certainly be a go-to.


  • Excellent Construction
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable Fit


  • Can stretch out
  • Materials could be more sturdy (5% spandex could be 10% spandex)


Fit – 4.5

Materials – 3.5

Construction – 4.5

Look – 5

Daily Wear – 5

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4.5

You can find these at Premium Underwear Store for $14.00


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