Thanks to Tim, these Timoteo Briefs are ones I had been eyeing so I am so grateful he was able to get it for me to review! It’s the Timoteo Classic Super Low Rise Brief and I am reviewing a purple pair. The brief runs very small and the XL is a bit small on me, but still wearable.

The brief features the lowest rise of any of the nearly 60 pairs of briefs I own and is composed of 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Ultimately its a very simple construction, and outside of its low-rise, its design strays little from a traditional designer brief.

I wore them for an entire day at the office and a basic night at home the same night. When I first got them on I must say I was a bit nervous about the fit being too small, especially since this brief doesn’t have a contour pouch, and when I got them on, I thought my package would be smashed and uncomfortable all day. I was wrong on one account. Since the construction of these briefs doesn’t include a contour pouch, my package was a bit smashed, but not in a bad way, necessarily.

The fit overall was a bit “interesting” for me because I’m 6’4″ and athletically built and I have a very long waist which is why I like low-rise briefs, but this is as low rise as it gets. Additionally, I was “blessed” with a decent sized package and while the pouch was fairly constrictive, I was shocked to notice that my natural “hang” was never disturbed at any point of the day, simply because your junk will not move once you get these on. I was also surprised by the full coverage the back gives you while still maintaining a modern look and fit.

The materials that go into this brief are of high quality. The cotton mimics the sturdiness of a “pique” cotton without that material being used, and the spandex is firm but unnoticeable during wear, which is a nice plus. Stylistically, the brief’s low rise and silvery logo’d waistband are a nice style touch, and your options of  Purple, Red, or (Army) Green are the only colors that will make this brief say “look at me.”

Overall, this is a brief I really wanted to be impressed by but my high hopes were met with only the feeling of serviceable satisfaction. Frankly, I just don’t think designers should be able to get by with a sexy brief design featuring a couple of attractive colors without a contour pouch. Now I know that these briefs are a part of  Timoteo’s “Classic” line meaning they’re for the guys who aren’t huge risk takers with their choice in underwear, and I know other lines from this label do feature contour pouches, but I’m puzzled as to why this one doesn’t. It generally fits well, and is again, a serviceable pair of briefs that look nice, maybe if I had tampered my expectations I would have been a bit more positive, but on the whole, these earn a “B”.


  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Classic Fit


  • Small Pouch

Fit – 4

Materials – 5

Construction – 3.5

Look – 4

Daily Wear – 4

Overall *OUT of 5* – 4

Find these at the Timoteo Website


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