A new video launching today, “Leaves Changing, Bodies Blooming,” introduces viewers to C-IN2 Clothing  Co’s new selection of colors for its Fall/Winter 2012 Collection that stays colorful and vibrant. The video was shot on location in Tuscany by fashion photography sensation Rick Day.

“The trend with Fall/Winter color palettes is typically to go darker and more serious. We know that C-IN2’s customers like to stay colorful and have our great underwear accent their wardrobe,” said C-IN2 founder Gregory Sovell. “It’s the age of jet travel, and somewhere in the world, the flowers are always in bloom. As Isabella Rossellini says in Death Becomes Her, ‘I follow the spring. I haven’t seen an autumn or winter for years.’ That’s what shapes Fall/Winter 2012 at C-IN2.”

The Fall/Winter 2012 features new fall & winter inspired colors for each 7 of C-IN2’s groundbreaking lines of underwear.

ZEN, now in Plum Wine, True Blue, Dark Emerald, Polar Rose, and Lemoncello, is a combination of Rayon (made from Bamboo) and Cotton fibers blended to give a special transmission of comfort. An update for 2012 replaces the leg bindings with microfiber elastics. The elastic leg tension is adjusted accordingly for the different styles. Fabrics are unchanged and the peaceful balance remains.

GRIP, available in new color Charcoal in November, is a completely new approach to high performance men’s underwear using cotton in a dual layer technology that actually transports moisture away from your body. The result is that you feel dryer faster, so you can sweat longer.

FILTHY, inspired by the idea that filthy dirty is definitely sexier than squeaky clean, is now in Olive Fatigue, Denim Indigo, and Army Brown. Filthy is a collection of textured fabrics that have been hand-rubbed with pigments and dyes to give a dirty worn-in, worked-in look.

POP COLORS AND STRIPES are so popular because they’re so colorful. This season it’s Russet Rust, Moony Blue, Flame Orange, Espresso, Grape Grey, Emerald Green, Pagoda Teal, and Extra Magenta. Colors change seasonally and there’s truly a limited supply.

HAND ME DOWN, now in Espresso with Teal, Russet with Emerald, and Denim with Grey, is C-IN2’s special vintage look. This collection was inspired by the younger siblings who ended up with their older siblings hand-me-downs with the wear and tear apparent. This product continues to get better the longer you own it. Colors change seasonally; limited quantity available.

PRIME is the high end of luxury. Now in Voilet Shake, Hemp (dark khaki), and Cold Blood (a true seasonal red), this collection takes the best of the best and C-IN2 makes it better. C-IN2 blends 60% Cotton and 40% Modal Viscose to make a fabric that’s softer than soft, but retains it’s shape. This collection maintains a ultra wide microfiber engineered elastic waistband that stays in place throughout the day. You’ll feel the difference.

CORE is C-IN2’s best selling underwear. It’s the everyday 100% combed cotton basic underwear in white and black, and now the grittier heather grey.

The new video can be seen at: www.C-IN2.com or on the brand’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CIN2ClothingCo


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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