I have only one other pair of Jack Adams and am relatively unfamiliar with the brand. So I was a little uncertain with this  jock . I find some ‘features’ of modern jockstraps to be gimmicky and this pair the straps that make the “X” for which this jock is named. I thought the jock looked over-designed and almost like complicated lingerie. However, I couldn’t have been more delightfully wrong/surprised.

This jock features an ample, knitted pouch that is very soft and provides a great cradling fit. Composed of 70% Polyester, 15% cotton and 15% rubber. I joke that the knitted material is more like the most comfortable sweater than a jockstrap. The leg straps are tighter than I expected, being a beefier guy, I expected that they would be uncomfortable; however, they provide great lift to my rear and keep the pouch snug and comfortable. My only complaint is that I wish the straps were slightly larger to help prevent some minor rolling which I experienced.

The great feature that makes this a truly stand-out jockstrap is the functional fly that makes for easy access in the restroom. The fly that creates the “X” that I previously said gave the complicated lingerie- look, is available in eye-catching Black/Yellow, Black/Red and Black/White that actually gives it a decidedly edgy, athletic look.


  • Super soft and unique pouch
  • Functional fly


  • Small legstraps
  • Somewhat gimmicky design

Overall, this is a great new take on a classic and I will definitely be buying several more for my drawer.









Daily Wear


Overall *Out of 5*


Find this jock at the 10Percent.com site!


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