Starting off, Joe Snyder is my favorite brand for thongs, briefs and specialty wear and am a huge nylon lover so anything that has that elastic spandex feel is amazing. I have numerous pairs and varieties of Joe Snyder underwear. One of the things I love about this brand is how most of their underwear gives you the pouch for extra support and pushes you out to give that buldge appearance. Joe Snyder underwear is machine washable and very durable. Even their specialty underwear is great quality. With having a nylon fetish, Joe nyder is the perfect brand to get into and support.

The pair I reviewed most recently was the Joe Snyder Running Shorts. When I saw that they did sportswear, I wanted to try it out. I am a huge gym fanatic and do a lot of cardio at the gym so I thought that these pair of running shorts would be perfect. When I received them I quickly put them on to try them out.

Here is the downfall of the shorts. They fit more like briefs than anything. I still had some support but I did feel “out there” and kind of exposed… but that could be solved by any jock strap. Being a bigger guy and having thicker thighs, the shorts expose and really do not leave a lot to the imagination but it shows everything you got. SO if you are comfortable being exposed, these are for you!  This can be a good and bad thing. I wouldn’t not recommend wearing these in the gym to run in front of your workout buddies, possibly risking something falling out, but to wear them in the privacy in your own home if you have your own treadmill.

I would recommend wearing these on the beach as a bathing suit. If you are not comfortable wearing a thong or a speedo, these could be the next step to still feeling sexy in the sun. Still being able to cover your junk and butt checks but still getting the sun on your thighs and legs.
Would I recommend these “running shorts”? I would. I would recommend them to be worn at the beach as a bathing suit, or as shorts to wear around the house, or even underneath your jeans as your underwear for the day. I would not recommend them to be worn at the gym, but if you were to, I would put on a jock strap underneath to give you that support. Would I call them “Running Shorts”? No. Running shorts would be a little longer than this pair. But I would call them sporty boxers. They have some versatility other than running shorts so that would be a reason to buy them. If you are wanting and willing to try them, I would fully recommend doing it. if all else fails you have a great pair of sporty boxers that you can use at the beach or in your daily life.

  • Versatility
  • Great to wear at the beach/tan in
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Great feel
  • Doesn’t ruin in wash


  • Not to be worn in the gym
  • Not a lot of support in the pouch area
  • One size fits most
  • Not considered “running shorts”


  • Fit-3
  • Material-5
  • Construction-2
  • Look-4
  • Daily Wear-5
  • Overall -3.7

Joe Snyder supplied these for review. Find these and more at the Joe Snyder site.


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