I was really excited to hear that I was going to be able to review this jockstrap. I had been eyeing it for some time and while Candyman in general, doesn’t suit my style I am a bit of a “Red White & Blue” fan which made this particular jock desirable.

The jockstrap I am reviewing is the 9656  from Candyman and size XL (34″-36″). When it comes to fit, this jock fits plenty large for its size chart waist description. I have a 37″ waist (might have gotten to 38 after the Holidays) and the XL fit me more than comfortably. The jock is made of 93% polyester and 7% spandex.

I decided to wear them all day and for a 2 mile run after work just to test how they held up as athletic wear. Not to my surprise, the unique design-which attracted me to the jock in the first place made for comfortable wear in both the daily and workout settings. The uniqueness in the design of course, is that the support straps that make jockstraps what they are, happen to be the exact same width and material as the waistband of the jock. The added width of the support straps made for very comfortable wear, but because it was the same construction as the waistband, problems with over-elasticity became apparent towards the end of my run.

Like most underwear this jock’s waistband stretches with you throughout the day but doesn’t ever lose its hold. Theoretically this should be the case with the support straps of this jock, since they are identical to the waist band. However, the construction of the jock overall is probably the culprit of the over-stretch during my run (I can’t imagine how stretched they’d get during circuit training-which is my preferred work out method). It’s clear that Candyman was going for all-day comfort and wearability instead of functionality when it comes to construction and design of this jockstrap. That’s OK in theory, but I think I speak for most jock wearers when I say we’d expect a daily-wear jock to function properly at the gym as well. That’s not to say this jock isn’t serviceable in that respect, it’s just not great.

On the positive side, the pouch is long and the cut is very well-suited for men with athletic frames (me). While the pouch could have been slightly deeper or more contoured, my boys never felt cramped or squished. Another good aspect of this jockstrap is its style. The idea to incorporate waistband support straps makes the jock look somewhat neat and the two-toned color design of the pouch is a nice touch. While it certainly isn’t the most stylish jockstrap out there, it is far from boring, which earns it positive marks.

Despite the drawback of its functionality as a jockstrap for intended jockstrap use, such as the gym or the street/sidewalk, I would still recommend you give this one a try simply because it is incredibly comfortable despite its drawbacks, especially for daily wear. I would recommend that if you are the size in the middle of the size chart (e.g. you have a 35″ waist and XL is 34″-36″) that you size down, regardless of your measurement as I’d guess these run about an inch and a half large.
Check them out! You can find them wherever Candyman is sold.


  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish but understated design


  • Poor athletic functionality 
  • Sizing might be a hassle


  • Fit – 4
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 3
  • Look – 4.5
  • Daily Wear – 5
  • Overall – 4.3

Candyman furnished this pair for review.


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