This is a review of the N2N Bodyewar campfire brief in moss green. My first impression was of the color—a muddy green—which was not my favorite but it was reminiscent of military colors and seemed to go with the rainy weather. The brief is made of 100% cotton with ribbed thermal knitting that allows it to expand for a good fit and would most likely keep you warm on a cold day. The stitching is tight and the brief seemed to be well made. When I put it on, the fit was somewhat looser than expected, perhaps due to the ribbing.  As to be expected with N2N, the cut enhances your package but without typical N2N exposure, which can be somewhat more explicit than I would normally be comfortable wearing. Importantly, there was sufficient material for the butt, which I find to be rare among many modern briefs.  Also, the cut seemed to emphasize and outline the buttocks, about which I never complain. Strangely enough, there is a small half-sized fake fly that seemed to serve no useful purpose.

I wore the campfire brief all day at work and then for a weight lifting workout prior to washing it. Even though this brief initially seemed to be fuller than I usually wear (bikinis are my favorite), the cut of this low rise brief looked surprisingly good. It does look smaller than a low-rise brief in front and back.  I would call this an extremely low, low-rise brief, so whoever wears it should be comfortable with a low low cut in the front. Unfortunately, the side view has more fabric than one would expect, and it makes the brief look somewhat awkward–like it was trying to be a bikini but just could not make it.

Even with the weight lifting workout, the campfire brief did not ride up with wear and the cotton fabric breathed well. Both my package and buttock felt comfortably supported without feeling restrictive or tight. Whenever I went outside, the thermal fabric kept me feeling toasty warm.  I am not the biggest fan of the silhouette, and the moss color was not my favorite but it is also available in navy, white (“natural”) and grey. All in all, it is extremely comfortable brief and perhaps perfect for a cold rainy winter day.


    • Enhancing cut in front and back
    • Sufficient space in front and back for those well-endowed
    • Ribbed, thermal knitting
    • Comfortable all day in work and play
    • Good for cold weather


    • Lateral silhouette not as attractive
    • Moss color not appealing











Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*


This pair was furnished by N2N and is available for $24.00 at their site


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