The pair I get to review is the Candyman Gold Brief 9694.  Before I tried these on, I enjoyed feeling the soft, shiny, satin-like gold fabric with a nice contrasting black waistband and piping around the legs and pouch.  The waistband is about 1.5 inches in width with the Candyman name woven within the band in large lettering.  The pouch appeared to be held onto the body of the brief by two snaps which I immediately snapped apart to find that my theory held true.  The snaps fit directly below the waistband, but above about an inch and a half of fabric meant to be part of the actual brief body.  This is my first pair of Candyman briefs and I enjoyed being able to try them.

I went about my normal and routine day while wearing this par.  I drove an hour to work, taught a college class, went shopping to several stores, taught another college class, and drove an hour back home to relax.  It was a very busy day filled with lots of movement and activity.  The pair fit well, stayed put, and was comfortable during my daily routine.  This pair would hold up well during normal, routine activity. I would not recommend them for a day of serious activity or exercise.

9694(1) 9694(4)

I received a size large in this brief.  This size should cover a 36-38 pant size.  Sizing was true to size, but most websites I have seen recommend sizing up with Candyman.  However, I found this pair to be accurate and well-fitting.

I liked the shiny gold fabric (97%Nylon, 3%Elastane) as it was stretchy and conforming to the body.  The pouch was adequate and should accommodate any size guy without any major issues.  The pull snaps were sturdy and added a nice touch to the pair.  I really liked the snap off pouch as this could be an extremely erotic pair of underwear for that special night.  I only had one dislike about the pair and that was the way the pair actually fit near the snaps.  The fabric bunched up and created an odd, sharp angle directly beside the snap.  If an additional snap was placed below the other snap, it would alleviate this problem.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and I felt sexy and sexual while wearing them.  Candyman seems to be a company that creates underwear to specifically cater to the fun and exciting side of a man.  Also, it seems the designs allow for creativity in a guy and how he can express himself other than with just basic underwear.  It is, after all, that we have a sexy part of our personality that we keep from the world and only show to our most intimate of companions.


  • Style
  • Fabric


  • SLIGHT fit issue with the odd angle created by fabric bunching near snap

· Daily Fit – 9
· Sizing – 8
· Construction/Materials – 10
· Styling – 10
· Daily Performance – 8
· Overall – 9

Candyman furnished these for review.



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