The pair I am reviewing today is the Candyman 99002 Silver Boxer and there is no other way for me to describe this boxer than fun. Candyman not only produces great underwear like the 9674 Boxer that I reviewed at the beginning of the year, but they also specialize in “Costume” underwear. The Costume Collection ranges from an orange prison outfit singlet (complete with handcuffs) to a fringed cowboy themed boxer.

While the silver boxer is not categorized as part of the costume collection I think it would fall into it because it isn’t really an everyday underwear but sure is fun looking. This pair is metallic silver with a black net/mesh fabric over the pouch and two rear zippers. The zippers don’t serve much of a practical role, as a matter of fact if you unzip them the back panel will fall off, but they definitely add a unique/fresh look to the pair.

I wore this pair this weekend while running some errands and met my friends for lunch. With a 93% polyester, 7% elastic mix, the fit is snug yet stretchy, however, like most polyester it doesn’t breathe like other materials. Because of the snug stretch, I had no actual issues with the legs riding up while wearing this pair.  However, if you happen to be lounging in a chair however and leaning to one side, you will definitely feel the seams created by the hard plastic zippers. As I mentioned earlier, this is not an “everyday” pair of underwear but for more “special occasions.”

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Now, it’s time to talk about sizing. As spring has just sprung, I am dealing with a little winter weight and am between a 36-38 right now but find that I can easily also go between a large or extra large depending on the brand. My previous Candyman review was on an XL pair which we very comfortable. The 99002 that I reviewed however was a large pair and while the material does have a nice stretch, it was less forgiving than the previous pair that I reviewed. So if you are like me and you are in between sizes, definitely opt for an XL.

One of the areas that I feel could be improved was the zippers. There is no fabric guard between the zipper and your skin; and though I don’t think you’ll be using the zippers often, it is possible that you could catch you skin or hair easily. Also, and there is the easy solution of simply cutting it out, the tag is placed inconveniently in the seam of the pouch.

I would not recommend this underwear for everyday wear but I do not believe that was the intent of Candyman when they created this pair. If you are looking for a great unique pair of boxers for the club or a seaside patio party, these might just be the pair for you.


  • Fun and unique style
    • Metallic
    • Black net pouch
    • Zippers
  • Elastic provides a great stretch to the boxer


  • Polyester does not breathe
  • No zipper guard
  • Inside tag in the pouch


  • Fit – A
  • Sizing – B
  • Construction/Materials – B-
  • Styling – A
  • Performance – C-
  • Overall – B

This pair was furnished by Candyman.


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