5166 (6)The pair that I had to review this time around was the Clever Moda Purple Briefs. When I opened the package and looked at them I thought ok another pair of mesh material briefs. These should be OK. This is also my first pair I have tried of this brand. So I was looking forward to seeing how they fit and move with my daily activities. This pair is also available in black, red and white

One of the things I enjoy doing with most pairs is make sure I do the most intense daily activities while wearing them to see how they hold up; IE: gym, yard work, running, etc. I ended up wearing them to the gym, where is did extensive body movement, running and also took a few dance classes in them. One of the things that I liked was that the briefs never stretched out. Sometimes when you sweat, a regular pair of cotton briefs can stretch out and not give you the support you need while you’re doing extensive activities. This pair gives you the support. I did wash them 3 days in a row to see how they would hold up in the washing machine. And wear them for my next daily activities. They held up in the washing machine and didn’t fade in color or shrink in size. I was very impressed with this pair and how they held up in all of the activities I did. I would wear them on a daily basis for any sort of activity.

Sizing for me can be an issue. Some pairs/brands run smaller and some run bigger. As a thicker guy with a booty, it’s hard for me to sometimes find underwear that either fit in the booty but not the waist, or fit in the waist but not the booty or crotch area. The Clever paid that I received was a XL and they actually fit very well. If the brand of Clever fits like this for all of their underwear, their sizes are a true size of what you are. My size for XL covers 36-38. My normal waist size is a 34 but I tend to find that because of my body size and my attributes that I need to go up in a size for everything to fit comfortably. I would say for someone interested in getting a pair of this brand to go ahead and go with a typical America sizing chart.

After wearing them for a few days and being able to really get a good sense of the pair I was able to figure out what I liked and didn’t like for the pair. First and foremost was the support. When I look at briefs that are going to be cost efficient and look great on, I want to make sure that they give me good support. Sometimes people pay for these great looking underwear but they stretch out and don’t give you that good support. This pair is not like that. It kept its support and didn’t stretch out no fade or shrink in the wash. So A+ there Clever! The second thing that I really liked about the pair was the look and how it actually lifted my booty. Sometimes pairs can either cut off the bottom portion of your booty or hang down and give you that soiled look. This pair didn’t do that. It actually gave me a nice round booty. The last big positive thing I liked was the material. I found that because I was sweating so much, I was able to breathe down there and I didn’t get that nasty humid feeling doing all of the activities I did. Don’t get me wrong, I was still nasty after I had been to the gym and dancing, but I was able to breathe some and not have to adjust so much to get a burst of cool air down there. The only negative thing that I found in the pair was the pouch for your junk. One thing I find with certain pairs is that they design a “pouch” but it either ends up not giving you enough space and so you feel squished in or it’s too much space and you feel like you are flapping in the wind. Depending on how much you have been blessed with can also be an issue. The pouch of this pair was a bit on the small side. I was guessing that because this pair was more of an athletic brand that it was designed so you didn’t feel like you were trying to show your business but if it would have added in a little more fabric, I probably would have had to adjust so much. But it wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought.

One of the things I look for when getting a pair of underwear is how can I use this in my daily activities and will this work for me. Yes look is always a good thing if you want to feel sexy when going out to maybe give that extra surprise to someone, but versatility is the biggest thing. This pair gave me the versatility I needed and wanted. I felt support in both the front and rear also I could wear these out on a night on the town and if my pants fell down, I could still get some numbers ;). This is a brand I would most likely want to look into getting more pairs if this is how they are. I would love to see what other kinds and designs they have to offer. They also seem to be cost efficient so that if money is tight, it is a pair that is going to be worth the money so that they can be used for multiple ways.


  • The fit of the underwear
  • The support that the underwear gave
  • The versatility that this pair offers in any activity you decide to wear them for
  • The look they give you


  • Con- The pouch isn’t as big for your junk

Rating Scale

  • Daily Fit – A
  • Sizing  – B
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – B
  • Daily Performance- A
  • Overall: A

Clever furnished this pair for review.


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