The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Clever Jockstrap in White Style 3002 (also in black).  Before trying these on, I enjoyed the look of this jockstrap as I took in the bright color and overall design.  The fabric was soft with stretchy legbands and slightly firm waistband.  The waistband was approximately 1.5 inches in width with CLEVER stitched into the elastic.  There appeared to be a grey ¾ of an inch band integrated into the band. Upon further inspection, there was a black band woven into the waistband for the CLEVER logo that created the look of the grey one.  Someone was thinking when they added that “clever” touch.  The two piece sewn together pouch runs from approximately 6.75 inches at the top to 1 inch at the bottom where the leg straps originate from between the legs.  This is my first pair of CLEVER underwear and I enjoyed being able to try them.

While wearing this pair of underwear, I went about my normal day as I considered this a fashion jock and not necessarily an athletic one.  However, I believe it would function nicely as an athletic jock.  I worked around the house a bit, drove an hour to teach a college class, and drove an hour back home to relax.  Overall, I spent about nine hours in this pair.  It was a busy day filled with lots of movement and activity.  The pair fit well around the waist, but I felt like it was a bit too taut.  The leg straps were quite comfortable and stretchy enough to conform without being too tight.  The pouch consisting of two pieces of fabric sewn together with a center seam was soft, comfortable, and conforming.  I liked that this pair covered the pubic area fully as some jocks seem to not do so and I really do not care for that.  The area at the bottom of the pouch where the leg straps originate fit tight to the body holding the pouch and goods in place.  I believe this pair would hold up well during normal and stringent activity.

3002(2) 3002(1)3002(4)

I received a size large in this jockstrap.  This size should cover around 33-35 pant size.  Sizing was fairly true to size, but after washing, it is a bit small.  Sizing up may be a good idea to avoid shrinkage.
I liked the soft fabric (94%Cotton, 6%Spandex) as it was stretchy and conforming to the body.  The pouch was adequate and should accommodate average guys without any major issues.  The leg straps were comfortable, yet tight.  The way the bottom of the pouch felt between my legs was excellent in the way it let you know it was doing its job.  The bold, all caps CLEVER logo looked nice around the band, as well.  Some guys may not like the center seam that ran the length of the pouch as I have heard complaints about that before.  My only complaint about the jock is that it did shrink a bit after washing.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and I felt happy while wearing them.  CLEVER seems to be a company that creates underwear that serves the intended purpose, but with nice touches added in to create a fun experience.


  • Style
  • Fabric


  • Slight shrinkage after washing (I suggest cold washing and hanging to dry)


  • Daily Fit – A
  • Sizing – B
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – A
  • Overall – A-

Clever furnished this pair for review.



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