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I have recently had the chance to wear and review Clever’s Prague Brief, style number 5165. This brief is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The pair I tested was size small and red. Because of my previous experience reviewing Clever’s cheeky boxer, I had very high expectations of this brief.

Upon receipt of the package, I honestly had no idea what was contained within it’s wrapping. As a result, I was honestly pretty surprised to find an (almost) fully mesh pair of underwear. I have never worn a pair of undies with a similar construction so for me, this review was something entirely new. My review day was not much different than any other day. A day which started with morning and afternoon class finished with light studying and eventual lounging. Throughout the day, the brief successfully maintained its shape and allowed all of the goods to remain in place.

As I have previously mentioned, this brief was a small and I feel that this brief is true to size. I am between a 28 or 29 and this brief was dead on in terms of what a pair of underwear sized small should feel like. Many people which wear Clever underwear note that it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct size which corresponds to their individual bodies due to the differences in foreign designer’s sizing. I can say with confidence that this brief closely reflects American sizing standards. This brief, as mentioned earlier, is almost fully mesh with a blend of 83% mesh and 17% spandex. The only portion of the brief which provides coverage is a panel of spandex that covers your privates. The brief has more of a traditional cut and provides full seat coverage and the waistband is excellent due to its flexibility and construction.

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When the day began, I never thought I would find one thing wrong with this brief. If you have a very active day planned with very little sitting, this brief is totally ideal. It provides very good frontal support while barely riding on any skin. I certainly look forward to the day when I have recovered from my knee injury and can run again because I think this brief will be amazing to wear while running. I don’t see myself wearing it to the gym due to its transparency, but that is a small issue. There were a few issues that began to arise while I sat in class for a long time. Similar to the skin itch that develops from the netting in a pair of swim trunks at the beach, this brief began to moderately chafe against the skin of my rear end as the day progressed. It became a larger annoyance the longer I sat without movement. As a result, I recommend wearing this brief when you expect to be on your feet for extended periods of time.

All in all, I felt this was a very enjoyable review. I was able to experience a totally new and even more edgy pair of underwear than what I have worn in the past. While I don’t  envision wearing this brief while sitting on the couch for multiple hours, I eagerly anticipate wearing them during long runs.


  • Well constructed waistband

  • Bold color

  • Form fitting design

  • Excellent workout brief


  • Skin chafing during extended periods of sitting

  • Not my ideal brief for everyday wear


  • Daily Fit-B+

  • Sizing-A

  • Construction/Materials-A

  • Styling-A

  • Daily Performance-B-

  • Overall-A-

Clever furnished this pair for review.


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