Butts, we all have one. But is your butt beach worthy? Recently I was provided with a Cocksox Sonar Swim Thong with the assignment of wearing it in public. Some of you may not know that I live in Chicago, where we have a great gay-oriented beach, where yes… thongs are allowed.

Traditionally the only thongers you would see on the beach are older gentleman with skin tanned to a nice leathery tone. But I was going to do it! I arrived at the beach earlier than I would normally go, around 9:30am. I personally only wear speedos on the beach, so I of course came to the beach with the thong on, under a speedo, under shorts. I quickly disrobed down to the speedo and laid down on my chair. After surveying the people one the beach I managed to shimmy off my speedo to just the thong underneath.

Nobody even turned a head. I breathed deeply.

The feeling was freeing, I felt breezes all over my body. I laid here for an hour or so before I got up the courage. Up to this point you couldn’t tell I was wearing a thong. I had come to the time where I needed to flip over and let the sun shine on my pale butt.  In one swift movement I turned over and the sun was shining on my exposed butt.  A few people on the beach glanced over, but the world didn’t come crashing down! I spent several more hours work on my tan and made a morning of it!

Since my first beach thong day, I have been back many mornings. I don’t wear them intentionally around friends, but I find they are great for a good early morning all over tan. Here are some tips for first time thongers!

  1. Check local laws and regulation to see if a thong in public is legal. If not, it’s time to find friends with pools.
  2. Make sure you manscape for the thong, they tend to be smaller, lower rise and tighter!
  3. Apply sunscreen liberally, your butt is probably VERY PALE and shouldn’t be burnt!
  4. Have fun and don’t care about the haters!

When picking out the thong, you are going to want to keep in mind the following.

  1. It must fit! Keep in mind that you might need to size down, since your butt size is no longer a factor.
  2. Make sure the pouch fits, whether it’s a flatter style or something more enhancing like the Cocksox Sonar Swim Thong. I personally would recommend something with a shaped pouch, which keeps the goods in check better and lowers the chance of run-aways.
  3. Don’t pretend you are in Baywatch on the beach. You might hurt someone.

Have fun!


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  1. Eddie Ruedo Reply

    Hello is it OK to wear my cocksox brief in my yard or throwing out the trash. Watering my yard?

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