diesel-jocky-jockSeeing as I’m a fan of underwear, and especially thongs, I like to split from my usual fare sometimes, especially if I find a good deal or something that just looks awesome. Count me a lucky bloke cause I found both of those wrapped into one package: the Diesel Fresh and Bright Jock Strap.

Most guys think of jocks as something to wear when you participate in baseball, football, soccer, etc. To be honest, I never thought of myself wearing fashion style jocks, or those that are designed to be worn for causal wear, without a place for a cup. I found a few pairs on clearance for $12, so I figured why not give jock straps another shot, especially since they looked really nice. I had tried jocks in the past without much personal success, as I was uncomfortable with how the leg straps of the ones I had before had dug into my legs/ass. Definitely was won over by the  appearance, fit, and styling of these jocks. With the addition of these to my top drawer, I’m definitely excited to add to my collection.

Made of cotton, this jock feels glorious to wear. Thick in all the right places, it provides support and comfort throughout the day, from any activity imaginable. The leg straps never give an unpleasant feel and give a bit of support to the backside. The fit was exactly as it should be, not too big or small for the sizing.

The color options for this product are pretty rad also. They come in a nice selection of solid colors, as well as a striped version, which looks great on anybody. I personally picked up the orange and navy, blue and grey, and green and white, and absolutely love them, as well as the solid purple that I have in rotation also.

I would highly recommend Diesel underwear, and especially these jocks, as they are of quality make, quality material, and quality design. Add a little spice to your everyday dress, or even the bedroom.

  • Styling-10
  • Fit-10
  • Make-10
  • Quality-10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall-10


  • Great for a casual day in or out
  • Adds some extra spice into your daily rotation.


  • None.

I got these through Amazon but you can find these are retailers on the web. Pictures from International Jock and the Jock is $23.00

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