interview-IV-neotrunkFor a second there, I thought I was dreaming. How can it be that since my start at UNB I have not only met some amazing underwear enthusiasts, but now I’m receiving pairs for reviews! It is kind of like dying and going to heaven, except not as dramatic.

I digress. For the duration of this review I will be covering the Interview IV Neotrunk from Interview Brand Underwear. When Tim sent out the list of pairs the team would be reviewing, I was a little surprised: Interview was not a brand previously known to me, something that doesn’t happen too terribly often. However, it only took a Google search for me to get really, really excited.Based in Los Angeles (woo!) Interview features a wide selection of underwear styles from trunks to jockstraps, many of which come in fun and attractive colors. Mine were no exception; the Neotrunk pair I received was a royal blue color with yellow around the thigh and white around the waistband. The colors were amazing right out of the packaging, and I appreciated the contrast. To the touch the nylon feels amazing; almost like silk…all of these things I noticed and appreciated before I had even put them on!

For reviews, I really try to put a pair through the ringer; and choose to wear them on days when I know I will be doing the most of everything. This pair was spared no grief and went through a whole day of work at school as well as night celebrations with my friends and boyfriend. Overall, the pair was a great success. I mentioned before the vibrancy of the colors: these held up when I put them on and I discovered that I quite like the look of blue around my butt-I don’t have many pairs in any color close to it so I enjoyed that newness. The yellow thighbands and white waistband help give this pair an edgy sporty look, and would make it appropriate for date night or another day at the office.

Tim sent me a large and I think this was a good choice. Since they weren’t too small, I got to avoid a lot of the “riding up” that would have occurred if I had gone with a medium, and it meant my thighs didn’t appear to have muffin tops of their own from being too restricted. The 90% nylon make up of this pair also meant that I had plenty of ventilation breathing room as I went throughout my day; keeping in mind again that I am constantly running around being chased by children. I was especially appreciative of this considering the absolute heat wave Los Angeles experience the week I received the pair; I hardly sweat at all and the pair didn’t feel like I was wearing another layer of clothes that trapped heat.

One quick note before I wrap this up: it is very common for underwear (especially trunks) to come with a seam down the middle of the pouch like they do in this pair from Interview. What I’ve noticed is that this pouch caters to a specific type of man, the man who tucks his junk forwards, away from his body. This seam, while also providing support, enhances the look of a mans pouch and make it look more pronounced. That being said, what about those of us who tuck our junk towards our body?

Often times I find that this seam leaves us with a little bit of an unsightly pucker because the pouch isn’t filled out like it was meant to. While this is really just a prefrancing issue, I could see why someone would be frustrated by the way this looks (or what it would look like to someone else) and on a personal level, I try to avoid this style. I can’t level this as a negative aspect of this pair and this pair alone, as I mentioned this is common in hundreds of styles and brands. But it is something I noticed while wearing this pair; not that it changed my overall opinion of it in the slightest.

Overall, the Neotrunk from Interview is a great, versatile pair of underwear that would function well at work, the gym or at play. Priced at a cool $21.00 this trunk also comes in at a pretty reasonable price and would be a great choice for anyone looking for a solid pair of undies. So in summary:


  • Great colors give it an athletic but fun look
  • True to size
  • Material is super lightweight and airy


  • Nylon feels like it could rip very easily



  • Daily Fit: 8
  • Sizing: 8
  • Construction/Materials: 7
  • Styling            : 7
  • Overall: 7.5

These were furnished by Interview for review.


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