sly-hyper-plaid-boxersThe pair I am reviewing is the Sly Hyper Plaid boxer briefs. When I first saw this pair I was in love. The plaid coloring on these pair is cute and appeals to me. I will say I am a true Portland guy who loves anything and everything plaid! The packaging was really unique as well, it came wrapped in a pouch that reminds me of thick parchment paper. The underwear wasn’t as soft as I expected when I first pulled them out, but they are soft when you put them on.

I decided to really test this pair out by wearing them on a day I had to work both of my jobs for a 13 hour work day. I also had them on for well over 24 hours since I started working at 1 am and then didn’t change clothes until the next day. One of my jobs was doing shipment at Express, which is in the back room where it is hot from the steamer, and requires a lot of standing and sitting and moving around. The package this pair came in called them “Work Hard” meaning they are designed for the working part of your day to keep you comfortable. I have to agree with the company’s description. After wearing this pair for all day the elastic around the leg holes stayed tight and never stretched out. The pair was also comfortable and didn’t move all day long. At times I even forgot I was wearing them because they were so comfortable.

The pair is a size small which covers a 30 to 32 inch waist. The pair fit me really well even though I am around a 28 inch waist. I think the bubble butt helped to make the pair feel tighter even though my waist is smaller than what their sizing says. The pouch isn’t huge but it fit me just right. At times I actually felt like I had more room than I needed in the pouch.

I really like this pair of boxer briefs. The design is fun and bright and colorful. I am going to be wearing this pair more often. They were comfortable and held up to all the movements of my day. It isn’t often that when you have a bubble butt you aren’t readjusting your underwear throughout the day.


  • Held up throughout the movements of my day
  • Fun color and pattern
  • Comfortable on the body

Cons: (if I was to have to choose one)

  • The pouch was more roomy than I am use too


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 10

I loved these and would love to get more pairs from Sly! Sly Collective furnished these for review.


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