871-ForbiddenWhy is it that when we are told something is forbidden we want it more? It’s human nature right? This Fetish Friday post is inspired by the one and only Gregg Homme brand featuring a desirable jockstrap from the Forbidden Collection. Fetish underwear incorporates a lot of ideas that are typically not present in your everyday pair of underwear. For instance, mesh, leather, and sheer material are typically saved for the more playful underwear that leaves very little to the imagination.

Gregg Homme managed to bring a mesh and leather like combination to a beautiful jockstrap. What I love about this specific pair of fetish wear is that it also has a zipper in the front pouch. Imagine walking into the bedroom with your lover, they unzip your pants to find this sexy pair of underwear waiting underneath. Things get heated up when they see black leather like material, mesh exposing the skin, and a zipper covering the front pouch, inviting them to continue unzipping their present. The pouch on this pair is designed with play in mind. The mesh sides gives you a look into what you are packing while the zipper gives a fun and creative way to expose yourself to your lover. The sex appeal continues in the back with a beautiful jock thong design, circling and showcasing your butt for your admirer.

Fetish underwear is about stepping out of the box with basic and comfortable designs. These pairs are not meant to be worn under a suit all day at the office. Instead, they are meant to display and showcase who you are while teasing and enticing who you are trying to impress. The next time you are planning a late night rendezvous, stop by Gregg Homme and check out this Forbidden collection. It is also available in a brief and boxer brief, with plenty of mesh and leather like for whatever style you prefer on your body.


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