Unknown-8You may think that Gregg Homme is all about erotic wear. You would be wrong! They are not always about thongs and mesh. They have a line called Gentleman. I had very high hopes for this pair because I love Gregg Homme. I can’t think of any pairs I have ever disliked.

The Gentleman line is Gregg Homme’s take on a basic line. But, unlike most basics, this is still made with some of the fabric Gregg Homme is famous for. I always ask in Vegas about how they find this fabric but they never tell me, it’s a trade secret. The fabric for the Gentleman is a poly spandex with micro modal air jet fabric. What does that mean to you? It won’t fit like cotton basics. It has a very nice feel!

I will say this pair was an interesting change from the other pairs of Gregg Homme. This is one that would very much fit the gym factor. Meaning I could wear it to the gym and bet I wouldn’t get looks. The other pairs I have are the Voyeur Brief, A Net g-string and Jock! I give them props for doing a classic line. The fit was pretty good. My only concern when I first put on was that the pouch was a little snug. It wasn’t tight or binding but just snug. More on that in a sec!

I wore these to the first day of my contract job. Now, I haven’t worked an 8 hour day since over a year ago and it was in an office where I got to wear shorts and t shirts. This is a more Biz casual environment. I was up way early and put them on under my khakis. My worry about the pouch was rarely noticed through out the day. Granted I wish it had a bit bigger pouch though. The fabric allowed me to breath and felt great through the day. This was the most active I have been with a pair, shy of the previous review I did, where I ran through the airport.

The pair I received is an XL. Which fit me very well, its been the size I wear most in Gregg Homme. I’m back to a 38 in waist and working my way back down. So it wasn’t too snug or too lose. If you check the size chart for them you shouldn’t have an issue at all.


  • Amazing fabric
  • Classic styling
  • Breathable for a long day


  • Only one is a bigger pouch


  • Daily fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction – 9
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily performance – 9
  • Overall – 9

Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review. Find it and more at the Gregg Homme Site


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