I’m a hard core brief wearer. Throughout the frozen hell better known as winter 2013-2014, I wore briefs. Even during the dreaded polar vortex that turned Northeastern Illinois into Chiberia, briefs were proudly worn under layers of clothing by this guy. I tell you this because as seasons change, my choice of underwear, as far as the cut goes, remains pretty consistent. True, I may wear thongs more often when the weather gets warmer, but I’ll always be a brief guy at heart.

As a culture, we’ve learned to associate seasons and holidays with certain colors. I’m talking about how we like to wear red and green for Christmas, or pastels for spring. As we head into autumn, those deep shades of orange, purple, and red come to mind, along with yellows and browns. Traditionally, these colors have been associated both with the natural transformation of the foliage outside and with the activities that typically occur in the fall, like the harvest.

So, I bet you guys know where I’m going with this. That’s right! I’m compiling a list of my favorite red, orange, purple, yellow and brown briefs, and pairing them with a fall activity.


1. You should try to navigate a maize maze this fall in these Hugo Boss briefs. Maybe someone will mistake you for an ear of corn and try to butter and eat you.

2. These purple Aussiebum briefs are a classic. The ribbed cotton adds some interest to a standard brief cut. Why not wear these under your costume on Halloween? You’ll definitely be getting both tricks and treats once they’re revealed.


3. Try on these C-in2 “Hand Me Down” briefs in Syracuse orange, while actually going to a college football game. Then detrou when your team scores a TD and show everyone your school spirit.


4. Run a turkey trot or do another sporting activity in this brown Obviously Sinuous string bikini/tanga. The high cut sides and anatomic pouch leave both room to move and provides natural support.


5. Snuggle next to the fireplace with your lover (or potential hookup) knowing that while the yule log flickers in the fireplace, you are about to set the whole scene on fire when you put these Bikkembergs briefs on display. The little pop of pink screams bulls-eye.


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