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This is my first review for UNB, so I hope you like it.

I was sent the Envy Logo Elastic Low Rise Jock (E001-WHT) to try out. Disclaimer: Jocks aren’t typically my thing. Sure, every once in a while I’ll get the itch to wear one, but my “go-to underwear” are briefs and maybe once a week, I’ll rock out a thong (usually for twitter #thongthursday). So,
when I got the jock in the mail, I had to remind myself to mentally prepare myself to exist outside my comfort zone to produce the most objective review possible.


The Envy Jock started out on the right foot just based on the packaging. They are boxed in a lovely, high quality package with pictures of a good-looking model wearing the item to coordinate with the front and back of the box (i.e., the front of the box had the model showing the jock from the front, and vise-versa for the back of the box). As males, it’s said that our perceptions are heavily colored by visual imagery, and I tend to agree with this. The packaging alone made me want to wear the jock.


In terms of fabrication and materials utilized, the jock was very soundly made, with clean stitching. The leg straps and waistband were produced with nice, stretchy elastic and the pouch is made from a very soft cotton/spandex blend. In the white version, the pouch is slightly sheer, as it is unlined. So you will be showing off more of your stuff than you might have originally intended, but that might be a good thing. From a design point of view, I like how the leg bands are a different color than the pouch. I like when jocks have this because it makes the underwear a little bit more special and adds an element of fashion to what had been for decades, a purely utilitarian garment.
This touch of fashion in the Envy lowrise jock, presented me with a dilemma. When should I wear these jocks to produce an accurate review of the jock? Should I wear them to work, just like a guy would do if he bought a fashion jock, or should I wear them to the gym, for a guy who would wear these to work out in? I decided to do both. I put these jocks through the ringer of a UNBSlater work day (10 hours at my desk and then 1 ½ hours at the gym). I’ll have to say, after eleven and a half hours of wear, these held up quite well. I also came to the conclusion that they are appropriate both for the office and the gym.

In terms of fit, the pouch, though fabricated of very supple fabric, is basically a flat panel, so it may be uncomfortable for some of the bigger guys out there. The jock also came in size S/M, which I’m not a fan of. Someone is going to end up losing in that equation, either the size small guy will get something a little too big, or the size medium guy will get crushed. I typically wear a size 32, and everything fit well except for the leg straps, which were less snug then I expected them to be.


Overall, wearing the jock was not a bad experience at all. It wasn’t transformational in that I’m going to wear jocks all the time now, but it was pleasant enough where I’m willing to pick up a couple more so that I can incorporate jocks into my daily rotation more often.

Here’s my summary:


  • Nice packaging
  • Solid fabrication, quality materials utilized
  • Versatile, good for the office and the gym


  • Pouch is a flat panel, rather than an ergonomic design, so may be snug for endowed guys
  • Generalized sizing (e.g., S/M) may produce fit issues



  • Daily Fit – 7
  • Sizing – 5
  • Construction – 7
  • Styling – 7
  • Daily Performance – 8
  • Overall – 6.8

Envy Menswear furnished this pair for review.



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