collections-scrimmage-1-2015011201C-IN2 has released the new line called Scrimmage. It gives me a very old school feel when I first looked at it. It really reminds me of the classic jock. Its like they took that great design and then updated it into a new line of undies. Which is awesome. I love when companies take something so classic and standard and put a new spin on it. Undies should be fun an innovative and C-IN2 did just that with the Scrimmage Line!

Where the undies I think have an old school jock inspired design, the shirts have a football inspired design. I know this because it’s listed on the C-IN2 webpage! I def can see that with the deep cut sides and mesh material. I think C-IN2 really outdid themselves on this line. They always make great undies but is really innovative and fun.

The collection consists of the Scrimmage Hustle Brief, Jockstrap, Lowest Punt, Lift Tank, Tackle Gear Crew and theTackle Gear Long Arm. The colors available for the underwear are Appalachian Grey, Michigan Blue and Moss. The shirts are available in the same colors except the Lift Tank which is just the Grey and Blue. The Scrimmage line is made out of 100% polyester.

cin2 scrimmage brief

The Scrimmage Hustle Brief has a definite jock feel to them. So if you want a jock but with more coverage in the back this is the brief for you. The pouch and back are made from a sports mesh material. The wide elastic waistband is also the leg openings as well. This pair retails for $28

cin2 scrimmage jock

The Scrimmage Jock is the same as the Brief but without the back panel. I will say this is a very retro and sexy jock. Its waistband is not the traditional 3 inch is but it still has that old school feel. The label right in the front is a great touch. Made with the same sports mesh as the brief. Retails for $24

cin2 scrimmage puntThe Scrimmage Lowest Punt is for the trunk fans. If you like a bit more coverage the Punt is a low rise trunk that is made out of the same material an has the same waistband as the brief and jock. The sports mesh makes this pair super sexy as well. Retails for $28

cin2 scrimmage lift tankThe Scrimmage Lift Tank is very old school This is the one inspired by old football gear. Its very low cut sides and perfect for the gym or any sporting event you maybe participating in. This and the other shirts have interesting acronyms on the back. Retails for $24

cin2 scrimmage crewThe Scrimmage Tackle Gear Crew you can definitely see the football influence. Its based on a football jersey. Which makes this a very fun shirt to wear. Its a bit more form fitting than a traditional jersey due to you won’t be wearing it under pads. Retails for $28

cin2 scrimmage strong arm tankThe Scrimmage Tackle Gear Long Arm is a similar cut to the Tackle Gear Crew. This shirt has one exception no sleeves. Many of our readers do like a sleeveless shirt for working out and hanging out. Its the same materials and cut as the Crew. Retails for $24

I hope you check out this new line I think it’s one of the best new lines so far this year. Find it at the C-IN2 website.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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