6 Bikinis

I’ve been wearing bikinis (or bikini briefs) for the past 20+ years.  Thankfully, this underwear style has come a long way in that time.  Below are six of my favorite pairs available for purchase today, in no particular order.  I actually own all but one of these pairs, which I plan on correcting very soon!

222180Cover Male – Cheeky Bikini.  (Available at freshpair.com for US $23)
This pair is a fun “cheeky” mix between a bikini brief and a thong, showing off a lot more cheek than a traditional bikini back without riding up too much.  The stretchy microfiber fabric has a shiny finish to it that adds to the edginess of the pair.  This is the pair for someone who is a little more daring in their underwear choices.
UN82-12-AN2N – Air Bikini (Available at n2nbodywear.com for US $20)
N2N is by far one of my favorite underwear brands and they never go wrong with their styles.  I chose the Air Bikini because of the freedom of movement they provide with the open leg (aka “string bikini”) design.  This pair is extremely comfortable to wear, so comfortable that I usually forget I have them on.
IS_UND_Billy_Plain_Blue_1_130305105041Aussiebum – Billy (Available at aussiebum.com for US $12.86)
I tried this pair a couple of years ago because of the fun patterns (also available in solid colors); and I’m glad I did.  They’re made from a lightweight cotton that very comfortable to wear.  Aussiebum continues to release new patterns for this style brief, so continue to check back if you’re one that likes fun patterns.  (Note:  The Billy line is also available as a trunk, but I haven’t tried it yet.)
Unknown-136Rufskin – Virgo (Available at rufskin.com for US $21)
This isn’t a brand that I hear much about, but I discovered it a couple of years ago and make a point to try out their new pairs every year.  This year, I found this pair which reminded me a lot of the bikinis from the late 80s and 90s.  I purchased a pair and, when I pulled it on the first time, I was reminded of my very first bikinis all those years ago.  This is the pair for you if you’re looking for an update on that “blast from the past” or enjoy the retro look.
9687_4389cAndrew Christian – Almost Naked Spree Brief (Available at andrewchristian.com for US $20.20)
This is the one pair that I don’t yet own, but I plan to make a purchase soon.  I absolutely love the Almost Naked line for its “hang free” design; I love all underwear that feel like you’re wearing nothing at all yet still look sexy and are comfortable.  What draws me to this pair the most is the contrast waistband with the crisscross feature just above the pouch.
31949Intymen – Sport Brief (Available at freshpair.com for US $21.50)
I was only supposed to include five pairs in this post, but when I saw these were still available for purchase at FreshPair, I just had to include them.  Want to wear a pair that are so light, yet provide good support throughout the day?  This pair is a must have!  I have several of these and am always amazed how well they hold up after a long day at work, a tough workout, or a grueling tennis match.
Of course, there are many other wonderful bikinis in the market today.  What are your favorites?  What pair would you recommend to someone who is trying this style for the first time?

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